Self Efficacy is sort of like confidence but not exactly. It’s the ability to believe in your ability to carry out specific tasks in a certain manner. Your Self Efficacy will increase for a variety of reasons. One way to increase this is to become really proficient at a specific trade by doing it for years. This can be anything from becoming an expert auto mechanic to mastering Rubik’s Cube to mastering calculus. When you become better at anything your self efficacy will increase for that particular task or trade. So building this trait is accomplished as people all around you have been telling you, or hopefully have been telling you to do your entire life. And that is to go to College and get a good education. Or go to trade school and learn a solid skill you can apply the rest of your life.In fact Self Efficacy goes hand in hand with providing value to society, or at least that’s how I feel you should use it. If you’re the best juggler in the country and can juggle 8 balls that’s great, I’m sure you can get hired by any circus around and they’d love to have you. This will provide value to people who attend the circus, but will this do anything for you and will it make you a decent living? Maybe it will if they pay you well and they fly you all over the country for events, in that case it could be a fun career. But if you aren’t skilled at anything you should make it a point to be very skilled at something that’s in demand and that will be easy for you to find a job for. Whether it’s becoming a Diesel Mechanic or a Nurse or an IT Professional, there will be a learning curve and will take some time and studying before you really get in the rythym of what’s going on and before your Self Efficacy will increase.But studying and going to school is only one part of increasing Self Efficacy. The other part of increasing this would be to get out in the working force and start applying what you learned in school. Over time you’ll meet solid work connections and get a reputation for being good at what you do, and that’s where true Self Efficacy is achieved. It is not achieved over night but through learning and applying what you learned over a period of years. Whatever your dreams and ambitions are you need to find a trade similar or as close as possible to what your dreams are. Then get good at it, get paid for it and get the respect you deserve. Sometimes getting this kind of respect takes many years, sometimes it’s achieved within a couple years. It really depends on the field you are in, but don’t expect to get the job that completely matches your dreams. And remember that your dreams will change when you become more educated as well.Most people don’t realize the importance of getting a solid skill and it’s sad. They will end up struggling their entire life working menial jobs and live a sub-standard lifestyle because they didn’t invest enough time into themselves to get the education they deserve. Some will even resort to crime because they don’t have enough money to get buy or to acquire the things in life they think they deserve. Well I’m here to tell you that you can have everything in life you want if you help others get what they want. And how to do this is to invest time in increasing your Self Efficacy by learning a solid skill that you can apply wherever you go. A final reminder is to make sure that this skill is applied in an evergreen market, meaning a market that will always be in high demand no matter what the economy is like. Think about what people will need regardless of how bad the economy is and this should give you some direction.

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