Shea butter or also shea nut butter is among the finest treatments provided by Mother Nature for overly dry as well as sensitive skin. Packed with vitamins, minerals, protective antioxidants and other essential nutrients, this rich and creamy all-natural butter revives skin and brings back its natural softness and suppleness. Dry skin has been said to react rather well to shea butter’s conditioning nutrients with enhanced softness, moisture retention, smoothness, elasticity and youthful texture. Moisture retention helps also to mend skin damage that is caused by severe dryness. Shea butter eases skin and: •    Effectively moisturizes and restores elasticity in order to maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin. •    Helps to smoothen and even up skin tone. •    Softens overly dry skin on heels and feet. You can reap the many lasting beauty benefits offered by this all natural moisturizer by following these simple tips:•    Do not take too long and too hot showers and baths. Although this can feel absolutely relaxing during winter time, soaking in too hot water however eliminates precious natural oils from the skin. Lukewarm water is ideal and as for those with severely dry skin, never shower or bathe longer than ten minutes. •    Use organic vegetable soaps. Pure veggie oils are used to make these soaps and they offer mild yet efficient cleansing. Soaps made of shea butter are extremely mild to the skin and offer moisture rich cleaning, making them great choices for sensitive and overly dry skin. •    Pat your skin to dry using a soft towel after showering or bathing. Vigorous scrubbing with a rough towel will not just make your skin severely dry, but may also cause extreme itching. •    After showering or bathing and your skin still damp, apply a moisturizer with shea butter as its active ingredient. The application of this moisturizer while the skin is still wet will help lock in the moisture. For properly moisturizing overly dry skin, buttery and rich textured creams are the best. Body creams and butters which have twenty to one-hundred percent shea butter are extremely beneficial for protecting and hydrating dry and sensitive skin. •    Whatever it is that you do, never scratch an itchy skin! Indeed, it can be somewhat difficult not to give to the urge to scratch, but here is one trick that you can do. Whenever your skin itches, try misting your skin with some spring water and then massage the area immediately with shea body cream or butter. You are sure to be surprised at how quickly the itching will stop. •    During the winter season, when the weather is both windy and chilly, increase the level of humidity inside your home, more especially the bedroom, using a humidifier or placing containers filled with some water. When using containers filled with water, make sure that you continue adding water back to the container as the water evaporates. Also, wash and refill the containers with fresh and clean water every couple of days in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. These very easy tips will give you long lasting and fast results. Give them a try for that silky-soft, young and healthy looking skin. 

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