For example, let’s say that you decide to put a subtle shade of eye shadow on, and none of the other girls around you have any. Suddenly, no matter what the color is, people will see you around and they will notice you more out of the crowd than the other girls. This is really important as it makes it so that you will be noticed in situations that you might not normally be noticed in.

To that end, the most obvious reason for using eye shadow becomes clear, and that is to attract men. If there happens to be one guy that all the girls on the cheerleading team or all the girls in the office are after and you want to do something to set yourself out from the crowd, then you know what you have to do. It can be difficult to attract his attention at first, but with the application of eye shadow, soon he will be the one following you around and all of the girls around will respect you more for being able to impress him so much like you did.

You have to be careful though to maintain a good balance of the amount of eye shadow that you actually put on your eyes. If you don’t put on enough then the entire thing loses its point. I mean if you added so little makeup that nobody even noticed that you had it on in the first place then it kind of defeats the purpose of the entire thing. And yet if you put on too much, then you might appear too comical if anything.

In the movies it is popular to see a female character that is getting up therein age and the more desperate she gets, the more makeup she applies to her face. This can look pretty bad but it gets even worse when it comes to the eye shadow. The eye shadow is what really does her in and makes her look not so great for anyone. The entire reason that she was trying to make herself look good was because she wanted to attract the attention of young males and she ends up repelling them. You don’t want to be like her.

One more thing about eye shadow is that you need to know not only how thick of a coat to add but where to apply it to. Everyone out there has a different facial structure, and if you follow exactly the way that you see models applying makeup to their faces then you might be disappointed by the results because the eye shadow won’t look as good on you as it does on them. This does not mean that eye shadow is not for you though, it just means that you need to find the way to apply it to yourself best. Once this is achievedBusiness Management Articles, eye shadow can look good on anyone!