Travel to the most high-spirited and cheerful metropolis of Nigeria, Lagos with flights to Lagos and experience the place of extremes. Starting from a small yoruba village and now grown into the biggest cultural and commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos presents quite swift and unique development. This sprawling city is an interesting blend of crowded streets, gorgeous beaches, lovely panorama, and spiritual and cultural groups. The biggest source to capture all these beauties together is flights to Lagos which is not only taking you to this gorgeous metropolis of contrast but also making your traveling quite efficient and convenient. Lagos is positioned on the South West part of Nigeria and many creeks of different sizes are separating each island of Lagos from each other but these islands are connecting to each other via bridges. The major islands of Lagos are Lagos Island, Ikoyi Island and Victoria Island. Lagos Island is the main island which consists of many attractions for tourists interests including Central mosque, National museum, Oba Palace and central business district. You can see the government structure and its head quarters on the Ikoyi Island which makes this island a dwelling for higher and elite class. Moreover you can also stay in the best hotels of Lagos which are mostly at Ikoyi Island. Lagos has shaped up music and literature in Nigeria whose authority is extended through out Africa. Music lovers very frequently book flights to Lagos to get themselves entertained by the sweet melodies of African style. Ikoyi Island is home to many superb music and night clubs.http://www.lagosflights.netYou can peep into the most rich and affluent African properties at Victoria island and not only this, the great activity which everyone would like to pursue is shopping and beaches as this island is best for shopping and also consists of many wonderful and out of this world beaches. Fun lovers can enjoy their trip to Alpha beach and Wispering Palms which amuse its visitors with complete range of fun filled and thrilling activities. The city blessed with prosperous culture, amusing attractions, eye-catching beaches, excellent and fine quality hotels, great food, nice-looking and lovely vista, and more than all the vivacity which is the great lure for the tourists who book flights to Lagos. The Lagos Mainland grasps a huge proportion of residents and business structures. It encompasses the famous Murtala Muhammad international airport, national theatre, stadiums, and universities etc.http://www.lagosflights.net/flights/Afriqiyah-Airways.html

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