Is it safe to take essential oils internally? | Ingesting Essential Oils Safely

Taking essential oils internally is a very confrontational topic and rightly so considering the power behind these liquids.  Essential oils have been used since ancient times, but were they taken internally?  Was it safe?  What about children?  Let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts, the benefits, and safety of internal use with essential oils.

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  1. C0l0rs0f th3wind on February 29, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    I’m not sure if people know this but anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body so if you cant put it in your body you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin.

  2. Brandy Pompeo on February 29, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Thank you for your video! What is the recipe to make your homemade Gatorade?

  3. Sha C on February 29, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Kirsten Sacco on February 29, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    I would love to know which oils you take daily 😀 and how do you take them? Also what does your husband take daily? PS… I LOVE the LLV

  5. Gaiane G on February 29, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    What’s the website? SourceQ? Helpful video .Thanks.

  6. dudekippenny on February 29, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    Hi, I’m taking E. oils internally for Cholesterol and High blood pressure. I was combining all 11 oils into veggie caps and storing them in the freezer. Someone told me that some oils should not sit together, like the Marjoram and Ylang Ylang shouldn’t store with Basil, Celery Seed, Frankincense, Lemon … How do I know what oils I can pre-make that will not lose it’s value? Thank you.

  7. studio developers2 on February 29, 2020 at 8:21 pm

    this is what i was looking for , like what is the deal with this.. where do you buy ingestible, essential oils?
    seems to stupid, for breathing only ? therte is a liimited effect on health if you just breathe, but we have to have something whcih is ok, to ingest
    not to get chemicals into your body
    so what gives . why
    ? so confusing ?
    thanks for video. gonna watch it

  8. Just A Happy Fairy on February 29, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    What ratio of eucalyptus to carrier oil do I use to put under my tongue? Like with oregano oil I used 10 drops to 2 oz grape seed oil. Thanks for the info!

  9. Cindy N on February 29, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    Excellent and a very helpful video – thanks so much for all the relevant information and tips. Love your channel xx

  10. Dylan Michael on February 29, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Essential oils are not made to smell good, that’s what they’re used for nowadays. Keep in mind they’ve been used for a little over a thousand years medicinally, it’s important to know which oils to use and how. Some oils can be taken internally but only ingest oils that are pure and un adulterated. Also it’s very important that they are sourced from where they grow indigenously, also keep in mind if your paying under $10 for a bottle of essential oil it was not probably not sustainably harvested and it was probably not grown in the proper climate.

    If you don’t want to internalize them then just put them on your feet because your feet have the biggest pores in your body and when you put them on your feet they travel to every cell in your body within 20 min. The perfume companies extract esters from essential oils, which is the part of the essential oil that produces the smell, however also in those essential oils are a lot of other chemical compounds which have tons of benefits. Terpenes exist in botanicals to keep the plants immune system healthy, and to protect the plant from diseases. They do the same thing for us when we consume them. The point of using essential oils is not to try to gain nutrients from them that you would get from fruits and vegetables. It’s to take advantage of the extremely complex terpene profiles that are in these botanicals that you’re not going to find and your fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. (Essential oils on music stand 10% of the plants on earth.) For example when you consume black pepper oil that helps your body absorb the nutrients you get from whole foods. When essential oils are sourced from where they grow most potent they have chemical constituents which help almost every major organ function properly. I find that way too many people are subjective when it comes to essential oils, they want to throw around their own opinions and repeat what they’ve heard from other people without being objective and doing their own research, and learning the facts on both sides before they come to a conclusion. Just because a couple mlms gave mlms a bad name does not mean that all mlm’s are bad. You need to look at the difference is between a pyramid scheme in an MLM. If you have any questions please ask away because I unlike a lot of you on here have actually done my research. And I have sources for everything I’m saying, sources that come from doctors and scientists. not your friend that thinks they know everything, when they’re really just playing a game of telephone. The funny thing is is that most you people that think essential oils are so dangerous probably put tons of chemicals in your body everyday from the chewing gum to the shampoo you put on your hair but you don’t think about that do ya.

  11. annette nanina simonsen on February 29, 2020 at 8:29 pm

    Thanks for your info. But Do Terra essential oils are NOT organic

  12. Julianna Colella on February 29, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Love your videos! Would you consider doing one about oils you can and cannot use during pregnancy?

  13. MarSar Fishin' on February 29, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    Some of these comments and questions.. ha ha.. my sister, when she’d accidentally swallow a bug.. "OH NO OH NO, AM I GOING TO DIE?!?!

  14. Circle on February 29, 2020 at 8:42 pm


    I was wondering if you could help us out. We’ve tried two different brands of essential peppermint oil from and they were both pretty weak. In comparison to the one I was given from a relative which was called "japanese mint oil" or something like that. That stuff was very potent, which is what I need.

    Could you (or anyone willing to help) please recommend a brand or two (or three?) that I might be able to find on Lol.

    The brands are 110-120mL bottles for about $20-25CAD each (maybe that’s how they got us, haha).

    Thank for your time and the video.

  15. Peach on February 29, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    Have you researched the history and marketing of MLM company’s such as DoTerra?
    From what I’m reading the information and advice you are giving is dangerous and false.
    I would never touch a DoTerra products and their claims have been proved to be false.
    Essential oil does not get diluted in water so if you invest near oil is coming into contact with delicate insides. Lots of examples of people with health problems after taking essential oils internally with internal burns etc.

  16. Michael Nielsen on February 29, 2020 at 8:49 pm

    How often can I take oil of Oregano to kill candida ?

  17. Dipper Karsten on February 29, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    I litterally had to google this after my friend accidentally drank essential oils in her water (thanks to her older brother) we decided that we should google it to see if she was gonna die or not. 😂

  18. Matt MSW on February 29, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    As I start watching this I’m just finishing a cup of peppermint tea with four drops of this stuff.

  19. Amy Rogers on February 29, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    Do you have information regarding safety for using essential oils around cats? I’ve researched and found that cats lack a certain enzyme that helps filter essential oils and that it can be toxic and even though I use them on my body often, I’m scared to diffuse or go further in my eo journey. I really want to start using them as a big part of my life but want to be sure my kitties are safe too. Thanks! 🙂

  20. abbbyy on February 29, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    i accidentally drank frankincense essential oil, i didnt dilute it, am i going to die :,)

  21. Rita Kessler on February 29, 2020 at 8:56 pm

    I would love the recipe for your Popsicles thank you for the education I’m into oils but I use Jade Bloom I do use the dōTERRA to.

  22. Michael Nielsen on February 29, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    What a great video. I have one question. I’m about to start to take Oregano to kill my Candida infection. Can I take 1 or 2 drops every day for as long as I want do you think ?

  23. Gerson Aragon on February 29, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    What are your thoughts on the "Now Foods" brand essential oils? Do you think the lavender & peppermint would be ok for internal use in herbal tea?

  24. Mira Rogers on February 29, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    1. Are you a certified aromatherapist? 2. It is not only about the quality of the oils as to why you should not be ingesting them. There are so many other reasons why this has been proven false and dangerous. Essential oils by their very nature are HIGHLY concentrated, one drop took many plants to make. They have been shown to strip mucous membranes, cause esophageal pitting where food can get lodged and literally rot. Science fact: oil does not mix with water so the drops easily can deposit and corrode your throat tissue and stomach lining. The absolute only time a person should be using essential oils internally is under the direct supervision of a certified aromatherapist, not a salesperson. The only way an essential oil could possibly be safe to use internally is if it was extremely weak in concentration, at that point you would be better off to just by a citrus fruit to put in your water. I really wish people took this topic more seriously and MLM salespeople weren’t allowed to give medical advice without some kind of medical training. This is so dangerous. Giving advice on how to use essential oils to clean your home fine, medical use, not ok.

  25. Richard Langil on February 29, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    Check out webmd. They recommend not to ingest oils