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Are you trying to approach life in a more holistic way? Bringing your mind, body and spirit in perfect balance? If you are interested in a holistic lifestyle, one area that you need to consider is bringing more balance into your exercise routine. Exercise is a great way to balance your life, and it’s easy when you add holistic exercises.

All this may be new to you and may sound confusing. Basically, holistic means combining exercise that helps develop your body, mind and spirit. For instance, a gentle exercise routine that combines stretching, visualization, breathing techniques and meditation is considered to be a holistic exercise that centers and brings balance to your life.

There are a variety of exercise techniques that combine all the elements into a holistic exercise routine. One example is dynamic stretching. With dynamic stretching, you use movement and muscle effort to build your stretch. This type of stretching techniques includes gentle movements, very unlike harsh bouncing actions that could damage muscles. You combine this stretching technique with breathing exercises to produce a holistic routine.

As an example, gentle arm circles, side bends, leg swing or walking lunges are all part of a dynamic stretching routine. The combination of movement with the stretch produces a much stronger stretch and reduces muscle tightness. Dynamic stretches are great to use before participating in another sport, such as tennis or golf. In fact, this type of stretching greatly decreases the event of muscle tearing, muscle aches, or injury.

Another example of holistic exercise is a combined dynamic stretching, static stretching and core stability program.

Dynamic stretching techniques are useful at the beginning of a workout routine, with static stretches being performed at the end of the workout. These techniques will help reduce muscle soreness, and increase flexibility. A holistic exercise routine also increases your overall muscle strength. The increased muscle strength helps improve sports performance, such as in golfing, tennis, or swimming.

Stretching activities lengthen muscles and tendons, giving greater flexibility, improving balance, and stamina. In essence, a good dynamic stretching program can substantially add value to your life. A holistic exercise approach helps you release tension and become more centered.

You’ll be amazed at the difference dynamic stretching can make in your life – it helps you with everyday activities, increases performance in sports, and assists to create a calmFree Articles, centered demeanor. Who could resist this holistic exercise approach?