Green tea has long been enjoyed in the asian nations for a number of reasons, including both health and taste. In recent years, many of the benefits of choosing to drink green tea have become apparent to the western world and the medical community. Green tea has numerous health benefits. Green tea is a fat burner, can lower cholesterol levels, helps digestion and is also a powerful antioxidant which can aid in the growth of healthy cells and also prevents cancer.

Did you know also that green tea extract can treat acne and can be beneficial for the skin? That’s true. Green tea has been found to have positive effects in the arena of skin care. Two specific areas include acne and eczema. For acne, this tea makes a great, cheap alternative to expensive toners or astringents. Often, it can be combined with ingredients to make a concoction that can be applied with a cotton ball to clean skin.

Simply drinking this tea has also worked for some to decrease the presence of acne, although you do have to be careful of increasing the intake of caffeine in your diet, as this has been linked to an increase in breakouts. It can also be mixed with other ingredients, such as olive oil, to create a treatment for eczema.

Green tea cleans your body from toxins and viruses which can cause acne and skin infection. Green tea has an ability to negate viruses. Studies have shown that green tea is able to effectively counteract viruses that cause the body to experience diarrhea, pneumonia, inflammation of the bladder, and infections of the skin. It is believed that there are certain ingredients in tea that stimulate the immune system within the body.  This stimulation strengthens and increases the role of the immune system in combating viruses and perhaps bacteria that invade the body.

So if you are trying to cure your acne, consider using green tea and include it in your acne diet. Having a healthy diet will help the acne healing process and coupled with a cup or two of green tea everyday will definitely increase the effectiveness of your acne treatment.