When it comes to diamonds and purchasing them, you only want to purchase from the best company but how do you know they are the best? Diamond shopping today have more choices than ever on where to buy their diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry items.However, with greater selection come bigger potential risks and rewards. You need to do your homework and understaand how to select the best company for buying your diamond.With great selections of stones at fashion shops online comes the bigger potential of risks and rewards.The retail diamond market is comprised of three broad categories of diamond sources; jewelry stores, ecommerce diamond companies or fashion shops online and diamond brokers.In the not so far past, jewelry stores were the only option for people looking for diamonds. This was true for smaller and rural areas but because of the changing times and advanced technology, we are not given many options on where to buy diamonds.These jewelry stores depend on the impulse buying of customers therefore they keep a wide range of selection ready for people who comes in their stores.In order to attract impulse buyers, jewelers would built elaborate stores with polished marble floors, expensive displace cases and lighting that makes everything in the store sparkle.When diamonds were also offered in ecommerce shopping, it was one of the reasons for the big growth of the diamond industry. The convenience had made it possible for buyers to look at diamonds at the comforts of their homes. They can browse and look at pictures of the diamonds and even read necessary information about the item. Most diamonds online are cheaper and are affordable since sometimes, sellers online don’t have to pay the rent and operates at their own home.There is a third type of diamond retailer, the diamond broker, that differs from the jewelry store or e-commerce retailer. Like most e-commerce retailers, brokers do not own inventory and have low overhead, but they differ in that they work as diamond consultants for the shopper to find the best diamonds meeting the customer’s requirements.

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