If you are using
a calorie
to lose weight and get healthy, the excitement of starting a new
healthy lifestyle may cause you to attempt to totally turn around your eating
habits and relationship with food overnight. Unfortunately, this could lead to
burnout or feelings of deprivation and may lead to giving up or quitting before
new healthy habits are formed. Just as a couch potato wouldn’t be wise to jump
up and attempt a marathon run without any training ahead of time, a sudden
switch to a healthy diet requires a little training time as well.


When you use a calorie tracker, you can start
to slowly add new, healthier foods to your diet without shocking your system
with a complete overnight change. In many ways, it could be better to add foods
to your diet as opposed to trying to cut out junk food at first. This way, the
healthy food that you consume can slowly push out the junk food as time goes
on, and you follow a natural progression to a healthier way of eating. It takes
time to acclimate to new tastes and textures in your food, but with a little
training, you will find that you enjoy the healthier foods much more than you
did the junk food.


When you use a food database to
find healthy foods to add to your diet, you can pick a few at a time to
introduce. Maybe start with a switch from processed white bread to more
substantial whole grain bread with less sugar. When you start with easy
switches, you can train your tastes and expectations so that you actually crave
healthy foods instead of pizza and junk food. Before you know it, all of the
junk food will have been eliminated from your diet without any painful
transitions or cravings.


Adding healthy
foods using your food diary
can really benefit your weight loss overall. If your goal is to lose weight so
that you can be healthier, forming healthier eating habits over a longer period
of time can make those foods routine. If you try to make all of the changes
overnight, it will work more like a temporary diet than a lifestyle changeFind Article,
with you quickly starting to feel deprived and resentful of your new healthy
diet and lifestyle.