Why You aren’t Losing Weight

You exercise and eat well, but when the weight doesn’t come off, health experts at Lee Health integrative medicine work to find out why. “Weight is a huge concern for 90 percent of people, so when they come in we measure their muscle mass and fat mass, and we can measure how many calories they are burning,” said Dr. Heather Auld, an OB/GYN and integrative medicine physician with Lee Health.

As we age, our hormones change, and we lose muscle mass–both are important in keeping up your metabolism.

Using their team approach, health experts may try different testing and tactics to help patients lose weight. “Maybe some micronutrient testing, maybe some cortisol testing, maybe to see if they aren’t sleeping well, we can use all these different tests to help determine why they aren’t losing weight,” said Teresa Spano, a naturopathic consultant with Lee Health.

Making small changes can make a big difference. “For some people, they need to have less saturated fat in their diet or else they will gain weight no matter what, for some people they need to have fewer carbohydrates, it just depends on their genetic makeup,” said Spano.

After testing their hormones, examining their genetics and modifying at their diet, health experts may refer patients to massage therapist Renee Sarra, who will try different techniques to enhance the patient’s treatment. “How I can help that is balancing. So, let’s say a patient has cravings. In Chinese medicine we believe that the body is craving because it’s out of balance, so we could do acupuncture to help strengthen something or enhance something that’s occurring in the body.

Finding the cause and treating it with a variety of approaches can help patients end their struggle with weight.

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