Before the flood of modern drugs and medicines invaded our lives and homes via prescriptions, herbs and natural earth medicines were being used by holistic doctors and healers that understood the secrets of the earth and that the earth provided health remedies for the body with great health and healing results. While it is true that this form of healing has been played down as being barbaric and not very helpful in health issues, the tide is turning back to these almost forgotten natural health and well being gems.If we consume foods and beverages that contain most of their natural life, health and healing properties, we will enjoy the health benefits that these treasures have to offer. Garlic is a great example of a natural food that contains many natural healing properties and is consumed in a variety of ways and has also shown to improve the health of those who ingest this food over those individuals who don’t include this food in their diet.Garlic is thought of as nature’s antibiotic and in larger doses it can work along with your body to help you achieve all that you want to health wise. Its healing properties have become more and more acknowledged over time and you will find that there are now many individuals in our society who choose to take garlic over a synthetic antibiotic. As a matter of fact it is due to this that you will now find in your local health food store a variety of odorless garlic pills that can allow you to take a large quantity of pills for health without having the pungent odor that garlic does.Garlic and its healing properties have produced amazing results in situations needing an antibiotic application if given a chance to prove its value, before seeking the traditional doctor office visit, prescription and antibiotic routine. The experts recommend garlic in its most natural state will provide the best results that garlic has to offer users. Healing body infections and illnesses can be done without the standard recommended and insisted doses of prescription drugs for a cure. Anyone who has experienced the natural power of garlic will recognize the power to find health outside of the doctor visit or the pharmacy. Health insurance companies are beginning to realize the power of garlic and other dietary supplements on a persons health and offer reimbursements.You can finally take back some of the power to make a very good decision for your health and your pocketbook by choosing odorless garlic pills or natural unprocessed garlic at your local health food store. You might find that you are more in control of your health than you thought.

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