The key step to prevent and control your diabetes is with the right eating. If you are eating healthy then there is no requirement to change your food habit but if you are not eating healthy then you have to learn some healthy eating habits. The main thing with the diabetic is to eat any of the food in moderate quantity, they must stick to the regular meal times and it is must for the diabetic to eat varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.Nowadays numbers of people are suffering from the diabetes, so it is necessary to prevent your diabetes by following some changes in order to maintain your healthy lifestyle. You have to check your weight regularly by maintaining your diet as well as following regular routines for regular exercises.Diabetic diet plays an important role in maintaining the level of blood glucose. You can use diabetic diet for all types of diabetic patients whether insulin dependent or patient with oral hypoglycemic drugs. With the help of the diabetic weight, you can easily maintain your ideal body weight along with adequate nutrition level. For each and every diabetic, diabetic diet is different as this diet depends upon the height, weight, age, sex, physical activity and also on the nature of diabetes. While preparing the diet chart for the diabetics, the dieticians also consider certain complications like high blood pressure and also high cholesterol levels.Dietician will access each and every condition of the diabetic and then prepare a diet program. They will first assess the calories given to the patients. If we want to control the blood sugar of the diabetic patient then first we have to restrict the consumption of the simple carbohydrate. All these diabetic diets are not of permanent nature or for longer period. It changes with the time and as per the requirement of your health. There are certain important factors while planning diabetic diet. They are:1. You must take fiber at least 1.4 oz/day.2. You should avoid taking single heavy meals. In place of single heavy meal you should go for frequent 2 or 3 small meals.3. You must replace entire bakery products and fast foods by simple whole cooked cereals.4. You must increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.There are many other factors of concerns for diabetic. No need to eat only the bland boring diet in order to control blood glucose level.  You must eat the foods which are high in nutrition as well as low in calories.

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